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Unexplained Virginia is a scientific research organization that specializes in the paranormal and otherworldly.

October 2016Unexplained Virginia would like to invite everyone out to Hanover Vegetable Farm for a few nights in October to experience a REAL paranormal investigation into the mysterious Providence House and it's founder Emily Redvyn. She is the famous witch that was executed back in 1781. Hanover Vegetable Farm is located at 13580 Ashland Road, Ashland, VA 23005. We can only take small groups at a time, so it's first come, first serve. We'll be conducting the tours on the following nights...

Friday, October 14th… 7:30-11:00pm
Saturday, October 15th… 7:30-11:00pm
Friday, October 21st… 7:30-11:00pm
Saturday, October 22nd… 7:30-11:00pm
Sunday, October 23rd… 7:30-11:00pm
Thursday, October 27th… 7:30-10:00pm
Friday, October 28th… 7:30-11:00pm
Saturday, October 29th… 7:30-11:00pm
Sunday, October 30th… 7:30-10:00pm
Monday, October 31st… 7:30-10:00pm

We can't wait for you to see what we've discovered!

September 2016Unexplained Virginia has come across a fascinating story out of Hanover, Virginia. There's an old witch legend which dates back to the late 1700's. Apparently the founder of one of the first psych facilities in Virginia was accused of witchcraft and executed by some of the settlers in the area. We've narrowed the original location of the now-destroyed facility, along with the supposed execution spot, to some farmland off Ashland Road. We'll have more information as it's discovered. This is a very exciting time to be following our research!

August 2016These three photos are the only known images of the red cloaked cult members that have been suspected of holding meetings and rituals around the Richmond, Virginia area since 2013. They're usually spotted with more frequency during the month of October and close to All Hallows Eve. Please be diligent and safe.

July 2015: Unexplained Virginia was thrilled to have volunteers help us with our experiments involving the paranormal. This took place at the DoubleTree Hotel at Scares That Care Weekend. Thanks everyone for joining us!



One of the more mysterious multiple killings in the Richmond region came about in the 1980's. Within a span of 3 years, from 1982-1985, 14 women either disappeared or were discovered murdered in the Hanover region. The bodies were found to all have similar markings on them, mostly having to do with a triangle with a circle in the middle, which is sometimes attributed to the Eye of Providence symbol. The only other evidence police released to the public is polaroid of a bloodied mask found by a local resident in a ditch off Mountain Road. Unfortunately there's no way to prove the mask had anything to do with the killings, but coincidentally the murders and missing persons reports stopping for several years after that picture was published.

Unexplained Virginia was able to obtain a photo of the mask from an old newspaper article published around the time of the killings. We were also able to find pictures of a body (unfortunately, we can neither divulge where we found the pictures, nor the name of the victim). Discretion is advised.


Most have heard of The Bunny Man in Fairfax County, but not many know that Richmond has seen it's own version (or the same person?) of The Bunny Man. Here's an article that was e-mailed to us from 2010 in Hanover County. Real? Prank? Some of the article details seem to be redacted. We'll see if we can find more coverage of these sightings.

What is Gateway Industries? Unexplained Virginia contributor Abraham Stone has been investigating Gateway Industries for the last several years. Mysterious voicemails were left on his cell phone and he has been followed on numerous occasions by a dark van. If you have ANY information or see this logo anywhere, please e-mail Abraham at abrahamstonethehunter@gmail.com.

Thank you from everyone at Unexplained Virginia.

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